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(scroll to end to see Jane daughter, available Dec. 2012 to a really loving family)


One of our very best breedings was my beloved Jane bred to O'BJ High Flying Phoenix, known as "UFO" Click his name to see him as a gangly puppy.  UFO was a handsome dog but it was Jane's incredible mind that dominated their litter of three extraordinary puppies.


CH. GARBO WINNING ONE OF HER BIG MAJORS AS A 6 MONTHS OLD PUPPYCh. Getta Garbo O'BJ started her show career at barely 6 months old, untrained, totally unexposed to the big world out there.  When we first went in the show building, her eyes were big as saucers and she was trembling.  But when I put my itty bitty puppy down on the floor and said "C'mon Garbo, let's go!"  she cranked her tail and strutted beside me like she knew what she was doing!  An hour later, when she stood before the judge, eyes sparkling, butt wagging, showing off her perfect front, perfect rear, perfect picture... he laughed and gave her the win.


The rest is history, literally.  Garbo became the top winning puppy in breed history and the youngest Toy Fox Terrier Champion.  Never defeated, even though females rarely beat the boys, Garbo bested the best AKC champions, including nationally ranked male dogs.


CH. GETTA GARBO O'BJ, YOUNGEST TOY FOX TERRIER CHAMPIONGarbo is like her mother Jane.  At 5.5 pounds, she's packed with bone, substance and breed type!   Also like her mom, she delivers her puppies easily despite her small size.  Garbo is a little fit-in-a-handbag dog to take to the beauty shop or as my husband said, "perfect for a man who is man enough to own such a tiny little dog."


Bill's girl, Ch. Getta Blaze O'BJ, had to wait her turn to be shown.  There was no way she could beat Garbo but when given her chance, Getta Blaze finished in a flash, earning her AKC championship with wins over some of the country's top Specials at the Regional Specialty.


CH GETTA BLAZE O'BJ, WONDERFUL TOY FOX TERRIER!Her show photos are like Garbo's (packed away) but here's something better.  She's 6 years old, very pregnant but moving effortlessly.  She made Bill's last days easier, laying with him for hours in his home hospital bed.  When Blaze came in season, Bill asked why I hadn't bred her?  We were still pretending so I smoothly replied that she wasn't ready.  When she had completed her most important job, I sold her to a man who had her son, insuring Blaze had another guy who adored her.


Garbo and Blaze have done their mother Jane very proud, passing her wonderful brains and personality on, even to the great-grandkids!


TOY FOX TERRIER AGILTY WITH DANTEThis is Blaze's son Undaunted O'BJ (by Lucky Dog).  Dante is co-owned with Lisa Herman, a professional agility trainer. Lisa was blown away by his powerful reach as he trotted across the paddock and sure enough.  I had wrestled with what to do as I feared he would be too large for the show ring but Lisa and her husband saved the day.  Dante matured within standard and his ground-covering reach and drive have made him a top Agility contender with Lisa.


I took a chance and bred Garbo to Hugely and although the two pups were super-sound and oh so typey, both matured bigger than I prefer.  Cowboy Star has a wonderful home with other TFTs but I kept Cinema Star who produced Franklin Mint.  He too was stunning but pushing size so at 9 months, I let him go to a family who's son is a genuine brainiac!  A perfect pair they are.


I bought a very small male from a great line but then Cinema Star (shown as a puppy on the right) did not get pregnant so I've decided to let her go as a companion while she's still a youngster.


Born November 2009, she seems to have decided to be someone's "under the covers" dog so if you are interested in a very special Garbo daughter give me a call because Cinema Star is sold.


Well, I've enjoyed getting this page together for you.  I miss Garbo and her mom every day. Bill hated to show but he finished Blaze himself and she loved every minute of it. Cinema will be the end of that bitch line for me but It is time to move on.

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