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Jazzie Ritchie is a Toy Fox Terrier that can steer you to the right information!Buying a Toy Fox Terrier puppy isn't as easy as comparing price and performance on a new car.


So let's take a test drive to realistic, candid information on Toy Fox Terrier personality, activity level, trainability, health problems, price, and more…


It's hard to get credible information, even with a salesman on every street corner but trust me, it's a whole lot more important because a dog is - or should be - a long-term investment just like your car. So from the comfort of your own home, comparison shop and explore the links above or below before you look at "puppies now" and fall in love!


Jazzie can steer us right to the net's most candid, useful information about Toy Fox Terriers!  First stop is probably the most important so ask yourself right now...


Is The Toy Fox Terrier Right For You?

Unless you've lived with a Toy Fox Terrier, you have no idea what the breed is capable of, the truth about housebreaking, how noisy they are, how much exercise they require, and the innate intelligence of the breed. Did you know Toy Fox Terriers watch TV? Do you understand their language as well as they understand yours?


The Toy Fox Terrier is "Made In The U.S.A."Multi-Talented Toy Fox Terrier

An American Original, circus performer, a self-proclaimed varmint dog, child's companion, and tree-climbing squirrel dog, the Toy Fox Terrier does it all! He's an intensely devoted ladies' lap dog but his racy lines, low maintenance, and instant "0 to 60" acceleration make him very much a man's dog.


No-hype Toy Fox Terrier Health

What do health certifications really mean to you as an owner or breeder? You need facts, not marketing strategy. Here's the simplest and surest way to find a healthy dog - and how to keep him that way!


Toy Fox Terrier History

Will the real Toy Fox Terrier please stand up? Accurate history may not seem all that important but it is precisely what makes each breed unique. Shelter dogs or "designer dog" mutts may appeal but predictable size, behavior, and health insure a long loving relationship.


AKC Ch. Hugely Handsome O'BJ exemplies the Toy Fox Terrier Breed StandardUKC and AKC Breed Standards

The side-by-side comparison is interesting, whether you show or not. That's why we did it that way for TheDogPlace.org. The new AKC Toy Fox Terrier club focuses on beauty but UKC put brains, endurance, and usability first for over 100 years, which is why the breed is in huge demand by AKC folks <grin>


Teach Your Dog NOT to come!

Pet owners will learn more from this lesson than anything the trainer may teach, guaranteed to work!


Okay, I heard you ask about price and availability. There's a lot more to learn about Toy Fox Terriers and some of the latest "makes and models" Jazzie wants to show you, but you win, she'll take us to


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