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Purple Heart O'BJ's Litter by Rolex Right O'BJ

Perfect Puppies For Picky People!



Toy Fox Terrier male - Johnny at just over 5 pounds.Heart is a Glimmer (left) daughter. I love this candid shot of Glimmer taken when we had her baby (Heart) out in the grass. In this photo, she's just sitting there smiling proudly, watching Denise take pictures of Heart.


Heart's sire is Barbary Johnny Cash O'BJ, shown at right. He is 5.25 pounds of solid muscle and Toy Fox Terrier personality. You can see how small he is in proportion to my foot! Johnny passes his handy size and superior balance on to his puppies.


You can see why we named her Heart.  Her distinctive marking says it all.


She's precocious and brave ("showing off" on the table at 9 weeks) and since it was a "P" litter, we named her Purple Heart O'BJ.


Here is Heart (left) at 14 months, and ok, too fat.  Like all Toy Fox Terriers, she loves to eat!  The snapshot was taken in early August before she had her first adult estrus cycle (season).


Heart was bred to Rolex Right O'BJ.  Click here to see Rolex who was my pick of litter son to carry on the size, structure, and soundness.


Toy Fox Terrier, Rolex Right O'BJ at 18 monnths<-- Rolex is a perfect match for her, structurally and genetically. Both are super-sound and perfectly exemplify the Toy Fox Terrier Breed Standard and everything we look for in an outstanding TFT.


All Toy Fox Terrier puppies are darling but these babies are genetically programmed for health, superior intelligence and soundness. They are tiny terriers bred to entertain their family and uphold the AKC Breed Standard.


Here are Heart's Toy Fox Terrier puppies, 2 males, 3 females sired by Rolex Right O'BJ, born July 22nd 2017.

S1708 http://www.toyfoxterriersobj.com/Puppies/Heart/1707-Rolex-2M-3F.asp 

We start with 10 day old TFT puppy pictures, more photos to follow...


Left to right - top row, 1 boy, 2 girls.

Pups on bottom row, 1 girl and a burrowed boy

Same direction, slightly different view, 1 boy and 2 girls,

pups on bottom, 1 girl and the covered up boy


Now 27 days old, these TFT puppies have started on raw hamburger to make Heart's job easier.


3 girls at left, 1 boy on right,

Heart (L) Trudy (R) with 1 of Heart's boys


Heart's 2 boys below (Trudy's nursing a Heart boy since only 1 of her Hugely babies survived birth)


2 (sleepy) boys faces

2 boys sitting

2 boys back and side view


Heart's three little girls, way too early to pick one, they are all perfectly precious


3 girls from the front

3 girls sitting pretty

3 girls back view


There isn't a puppy here that can't be shown to AKC champion title.


Heart's three spot boy, day 44 - New owners Shawn and Josie


from the front

from the side

back view


55 day 3 spot male's side

55 day 3 spot male's back


Heart's two spot boy, day 44 - Owner is Nate H.


from the front

from the side

back view



55 day 2 spot male's side


55 day 2 spot male's back


Heart's little blaze-face, shoulder spot girl below.

she went home with the Boxall family.


from the front

from the side

back view


Heart's "white tail" girl below, day 44 - goes to Gary and Angela in Deleware


from the front

from the side

back view



day 55 "white tail" girl


55 day "White Tail" back


Heart's "Black Tail" below, day 44 - owned by Randy and Ashley


from the front

from the side

back view



Black Tail girl's side view 55 days

Black Tail girl's back view 55 days


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