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How much does a Toy Fox Terrier puppy or retired show dog cost? Are pups available or do I have to wait? What about health guarantees?


Zona Baby, 4 months old Toy Fox Terrier femaleIt depends on the breeder but let me ask you something.  Do you want a distinctive companion, a burglar alarm with teeth, a forgiving friend who listens, understands you and never borrows money?  Probably not enough money in the world to buy that - unless we're talking about a dog!!! That's why they're called Man's Best Friend.


So What's The Price?  Are you showing to win? Maybe you don't have time for the show ring, you just want the best personal companion, one who is welcome everywhere, doesn't eat crackers in bed, and is the ultimate conversation opener? Well, I have eight of those!


Puppy mill produce is cheap but if you want a lovingly reared, socialed, genetically healthy puppy, keep reading. You can expect to spend at least $1800 for a well-bred, properly raised Toy Fox Terrier puppy from any reputable breeder. Whether you only want a healthy family pet or you also plan to show in Conformation, Obedience, or Performance sports, you want a well-bred and lovingly nurtured puppy.


Here's how that happens. We do the Questionnaire thing, you make your $200 deposit, we watch the babies develop, then you choose your new best friend in the order in which your deposit was recieved. You come at 8 to 10 weeks to visit and pick up your puppy or if that's not possible, I ship to you. One thing's for sure, show dog or family pet, an O'BJ puppy is a real V.I.P. (Very Important Puppy!)


Guarantees.  Every puppy is born in my bedroom or office, depending or whether I'm sleeping or working. They are reared according to 51 years of proprietary methods that insure optimum physical and mental development.


My guarantee exceeds that of a $70,000 automobile because a well-bred puppy is worth more and lasts a whole lot longer! I guarantee your Toy Fox Terrier will grow up strong, healthy, and handsome. If you have bought a show dog, I  guarantee it can attain an AKC championship and reproduce.


How Are My Toy Fox Terrier Puppies Raised?  At 21 days, when the dam would be returning from the hunt with a belly full of meat, my puppies get their first taste of raw meat (venison or beef) hand fed while in my lap. While I balk at regurgitating partially digested meat for them (that is their mother's job) their first solid food is what nature intended for a carnivore. I gradually introduce goat's milk, eggs, cooked chicken, vegetables, raw beef bones for teething, fruits, and finally, for convenience, a small amount of kibble. We expect owners to do no less.


O'BJ TOY FOX TERRIERS LOVE SUNSHINE & COMFORTOUR TFTs ALTERNATE BETWEEN THE DOG ROOM. OFFICE, AND LIVING ROOM!The Dog Room is a pass-through between my den and the home-based plumbing-now-web-publishing office.  It is the pathway of daily activity so they are fussed over by our staff, sales, and service people.  When nothing's going on, they sun bathe on their outside hammocks or in winter, they curl up in custom made beds on radiant-heat ceramic floors.


All 8 of my dogs share house time and work as official greeters. "Toy Fox Terriers O'BJ" run and play together in a half-acre carefully tended Bermuda grass paddock in clean mountain air.


No, we don't rent rooms but we are the best dog-gone Bed and Breakfast in North Carolina!


When Do I Get To Choose Puppy? If you are on my deposit list, I send you lots'a photos, from the first week and every couple of weeks thereafter. I describe each puppy's personality and character as they develop and by the 7th week, I'm comfortable pricing them.  Then, depending on the order in which your deposit was recieved, you will choose your puppy and start making travel arrangements!


When Can I Come Get My Puppy?  Rarely before 9 weeks. Pet or Show, every O'BJ puppy must learn the social skills only a good mother dog can teach. Play manners, pecking order, and "pack" interaction insures a better adjusted companion that gets along well with children and other pets.  Having been taught by his dam, he will understand the limits you impose. Hopefully, there will be limits. 


What Will I Need Before Puppy Comes Home?  I send you a "pre-puppy" checklist so you know what to have on hand, where to get it, and what to feed. I provide lifetime support because when I hold a just-born puppy, I am responsible for his future. You also get a Care Package©1998 of detailed information available only to O'BJ owners.  Yeah, you own me too...


Can My Toy Fox Terrier Be Shipped? I have flown Akita puppies to four continents and it's as safe as any of us can be. Shipping may be cheaper than a road trip, and obviously the puppy gets home quicker. I charge $250 which partially covers the vet exam, USDA health certificate, and the half-day round-trip to Charlotte International Airport.  You pay for shipping and the crate which will serve as his "den" at home. Alternatively, picking up the puppy means we get to meet, you get to see sire, dam, and the whole family!


HUGELY'S MOTHER AKC CH. ZONA, BILL ANDREWS HANDLINGA Word About Showing. We love to share in your fun but I don't push anyone to show. Another champion to my credit doesn't matter. I've bred over 305 AKC Champions and established a lot of AKC records, including one that will stand for 100 years: Breeder of the Best Male and the Best Female Akita in the historical 1984 AKC Centennial All Breeds Show!  If we need another ego boost, we'll ask for your help in 2084. Just kidding but we have set over a dozen All-Time AKC records in Akitas, Mini-Bulls and now, Toy Fox Terriers.


If you want top quality but don't plan to show or breed, that's okay. We just want you to enjoy your Toy Fox Terrier with no pressure from a breeder.  We have friends who collect classic cars because they love having them in the garage. I'm equally as happy with a classic dog curled in my lap. And why not? Can a painting hug you back??!! Does a statue follow your every step? Most people only wear their precious jewels on special occasions. I delight in mine every day!


BJ & LEGENDARY TOY FOX TERRIER CH. HUGELY HANDSOME O'BJSo whether he's going to be your personal companion or wow 'em in the show ring, an O'BJ Toy Fox Terrier has "credentials". My puppies (like AKC record setter Ch. Hugely) are created through decades of attention to detail. If you're debating between a show quality puppy or a family pet, see Why We Show Pets. And no matter where you get your next best friend, check out The Breeder's Pedigree.


If you've given this a lot of thought and want to add an O'BJ Toy Fox Terrier to your family, you can skip the other tabs for now and go directly to Puppies-Now

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