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Okay, I know you came here looking for a puppy but that means getting on the deposit list so you need to decide if an O'BJ puppy is worth waiting for.  If you haven't already done so, explore the navigation bar at top to be sure this is the right breed for you. Done all that?  OK!  Then let's see about puppies but if you skip ahead, be sure to come "back" here to learn what is important to me and I hope, to you.


Whether you want a show puppy or family pet, you care about quality.  O'BJ puppies are from top winners and they come with credentials!  Bill and I had bred All-Time Top record holders in three breeds (AKC Hall Of Fame Master Breeder) before discovering this pint-sized brainiac!  Dogs are my life and when I look down at Hugely snoozing contently in my lap, I smile because I made the old guy really ... happy siring TWO litters at 14 years young.  I had to provide vet-certified semen count for AKC but Hugely just laughed and proceeded to make puppies.


Toy Fox Terriers learn so quick... First lesson: at about four weeks, they try yipping at me, demanding attention.  I'm pretty smart too so I stay focused on the computer and ignore them. At this age, a puppy's attention span is shorter than a gnat's leg so they go right back to their toys.


In another week, they'll be all over my office exploring (and chasing dust balls)!  Then, at 8 tweeks, they move into the dog room where their mother shows them how to go outside through the doggie door to an even bigger world!


All Toy Fox Terrier puppies are clever but even after 49 years of collecting top show ring honors, in the end, it all boils down to one thing - dogs should excel at what they were bred to do.  The first thing you should know is that not all TFTs are created equal.  O'BJ Toy Fox Terriers are known for above average intelligence, vibrant good health and strong bones.  After so many years with big dogs (Rottwielers, Akitas and Bull Terriers), our first Toy Fox Terrier purchase taught me and Bill about brittle bone syndrome.  It was a horrible experience but one that made us strive for the same genetic strength for which Akitas O'BJ are still known worldwide.  We also learned about "toy dog teeth" and the expense involved.  So in addition to strong bones, we insist on a deep jaw and big terrier teeth.


A well bred, properly raised Toy Fox Terrier will be with you longer than that new car so buying a puppy deserves the same research.  Sobering thought eh?  The funny thing is that most owners wouldn't trade their O'BJ puppy for two new cars!  Bragging?  I guess, but your car isn't your best friend, right?


MALE TOY FOX TERRIER PUPPY at 4 MONTHSThis 4 months old male puppy out of AKC Ch. Fannie Mae O'BJ, shows what you should be looking for.  The ideal Toy Fox Terrier head has equal proportions and parallel planes.  That means in profile the muzzle is at the same angle as the flat topskull (the part from eyes to back head) with no hint of Chihuahua roundness.


A Toy Fox Terrier puppy should have a deep, well developed "underjaw" (see his strong chin?) with large, deeply rooted "terrier teeth".  Show or pet puppy, you want a little dog that can see, hear, breathe and eat - a toy dog whose teeth don't fall out and whose legs don't break.  These are terrier characteristics which I demand in my bloodline.


Why? Well, most toy breeds couldn't care less about catching a mouse but please remember, the Toy Fox Terrier is in the UKC Terrier group, the original registry for the breed.  He's a Terrier in a Toy dog body.  That makes him an ideal lap dog but with the strong physique and vibrant health that is the hallmark of a working terrier.  That, and nothing less, is what Bill and I founded our TFT breeding program on.  By the way, my TFTs have a "terrier mouth" capable of gnawing a raw shank bone or drumstick - and they get both twice a week!


Sorry I held you up   If the Toy Fox Terrier sounds like a fit for you, see upcoming litters on my Sucha litter and Worthy litter pages.  Puppies will be ready to go late August - early September 2018




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