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Purple Heart O'BJ's Litter by Rolex Right O'BJ

Perfect Puppies For Picky People!


One of the best genetic combinations I've ever done was breed Heart to Rolex. So I did it again... Click here to learn more about Rolex, my "Keeper" pick of litter because of his perfect size, structure, and soundness.


Toy Fox Terrier, Rolex Right O'BJ at 18 monnths<-- Rolex is a perfect match for her, structurally and genetically. Both dogs perfectly exemplify the AKC Toy Fox Terrier Breed Standard and everything we look for in an outstanding TFT.


All Toy Fox Terrier puppies are darling but these babies are programmed for health, superior intelligence and structural soundness. They are tiny terriers bred and proven to uphold the AKC Breed Standard.


Heart's puppies were born July 8, 2020. First photos at 5 Days; 1 girl and 3 boys.



19 Days old, Blaze-face boy and No-Spot girl, see Three-Spot and Two-Spot boys below.

Blaze-face boy (left) No-Spot girl (right)

Blaze-face boy (left) No-Spot girl (right)


19 Days old, Three-spot and Two-Spot boys.

Three-Spot boy (left) Two-Spot boy (right)

Three-Spot boy (left) Two-Spot boy (right)


Heart's (4) 7 week old puppies, 1st time on a table, oh-boy, it sure is high up here! (see photos below)

No-Spot girl Reserved

No-Spot girl Reserved to D. Dejanovic


Two-Spot boy Reserved

Two-Spot boy Reserved to the Hiters


Blaze-face boy Reserved

Blaze-face boy Reserved to J. Breier


Three-Spot boy Reserved

Three-Spot boy Reserved to K. Rhodes




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