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I'ma Puppies by Knight Of My Heart O'BJ

Perfect Puppies For Picky People


I'ma had two males and one female puppy born June 23rd 2021, the last grandbabies of AKC top-winning Ch. Hugely! See their puppy photos below.


I'ma has her sire's exceptionally sound structure and character and her dam's incredible brain in a perfect TFT package!


Meet Ima! (pictured left) she is a treasure in the O'BJ family. Ima Girl's mother is Sucha-brain (officially named "Sucha Girl O'BJ") on her AKC  certificate.  Ima is equally as intelligent as Sucha and I've watched her mother "teach" her things.


Ima's sire is Ch. Hugely Handsome O'BJ. Hugely earned his AKC Champion title undefeated (!).  He then went on to become the Top Winning Toy Fox Terrier of All Time, and he did it all breeder-owner-handled, with no advertising campaign.  Ima's mother Sucha Girl O'BJ is only 6 lbs 2 oz but it's all brains and her huge dark eyes sparkle with good-humored mischief.


Ima brings together the strong, close-coupled body of her sire and her mother's petite size and giant IQ.  It's a pretty incredible package!


And yeah, Ima's got those Chihuahua eyes, a hallmark of the breed that "proclaims the brains" (of the Chihuahua) which is the other half of the Toy Tox Terrier gene bank!


She's 18 months old in these two candid shots. The sun peeked out for a moment during nearly two weeks of rain so I grabbed the camera - and ignored the mud on her.  I hope you will too.


Ima was bred to Knighter, my Heart son. With his classic head, strong underjaw, faultless front, and terrier muscle, he's a handsome package with a solid gold pedigree.


Lots more info about him and his sire and dam on his page in the Gene Bank.  Just click on Knight of My Heart O'BJ in the drop-down menu.


If you are a breeder, a puppy from this litter can put you on sound genetic footing for the most important features of Toy Fox Terrier type; headpiece, ideal size, soundness and balance topped off with outstanding TFT personalities.


If you are a discriminating owner you know those vital "show" characteristics insure a healthy, highly intelligent, lovingly socialized Best Friend for life.


Ima's puppies were born June 23, 2021, one girl (left ~ Polka-Spot) and two boys (right ~ Multi-Spot & Tail-Spot), pictured below at 5 days old.



Ima's girl (Polka-Spot) and 2 boys (Multi-Spot & Tail-Spot) are 16 days old

Polka-Spot girl

Multi-Spot & Tail-Spot boys


Ima's little girl (Polka-Spot) and 2 boys (Multi-Spot & Tail-Spot) beautiful glossy coats.

Polka-Spot girl

Multi-Spot & Tail-Spot boys


Ima's little girl (Polka-Spot) and 2 boys (Multi-Spot & Tail-Spot) at 4 weeks old.

Polka-Spot girl

Multi-Spot boy

Tail-Spot boy


Ima's little girl (Polka-Spot) and 2 boys (Multi-Spot & Tail-Spot) 4 week back view.

Polka-Spot girl

Multi-Spot boy

Tail-Spot boy


Ima's little girl Polka-Spot at 7 weeks old


Polka-Spot girl


Polka-Spot girl


Dudley Do Right O'BJ, 7 weeks


Tail-Spot Boy


Multi-Spot Boy, 7 weeks ~ Reserved by Torrie C.


Multi-Spot Boy




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