Toy Fox Terriers O'BJ

"Puppies With A Future - From Dogs With A Past!"


Are Toy Fox Terriers good with children?  Other pets?  Hard to house train?

Are they hyper or a barker?  Snappy or sweet?  What does a Toy Fox Terrier puppy cost?




All of your questions will be answered in a candid, conversational way, from a delightful look at daily life with a Toy Fox Terrier, to factual breed history, health and genetic issues, if puppies are available and price.


Barbara J. Andrews is an AKC Hall Of Fame Breeder who conducts Judges' Workshops and Breed Seminars.  She is the author of seven Breed Books and since 1968, has been a featured columnist for most major dog publications, including the AKC Gazette.  Mrs. Andrews is publisher of and Editor of but her joy in life is the Toy Fox Terrier!


So you came to the right place.  Whether you want a family pet or show dog, you need honest answers about the Toy Fox Terrier.  Things like shedding, health without hype, trainability and if Toy Fox Terriers are, like most toy breeds, hard to housebreak.


Discover what makes the All-American Terrier so unique and whether the TFT is the breed for you!


And now, what you came for


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