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The Breeder's Pedigree IS The Puppy's Pedigree


Before deciding on a Toy Fox Terrier, you need verifiable information.  Every breeder thinks their dogs are the best but it is the Breeder's experience and proven AKC show ring success that determines the value of a pedigree!


I hope you will explore this site and learn what created these precious puppies before you call or email me.


TOY FOX TERRIERS ARE AN ARMFUL OF LOVE! Pedigrees are just names on a piece of paper.  Some are accurate and meaningful.  Some are not.  A lot of champions on the pedigree is good but unless each mating was the result of carefully selected, genetically compatible, healthy Toy Fox Terriers, it is a worthless piece of paper.


The fact is, top winners are frequently mated to each other with dismal results.  Even AKC champions must be genetically compatible in order to pass on their good qualities. That means the sire and dam do not share the same visible (dominant) or hidden (recessive) faults.


A conscientious Toy Fox Terrier breeder will have researched health, temperament, and structural faults in each dog in the first three generations. Hopefully, they own most of them!  Only then can a breeder create a litter that best insures a gorgeous, mentally and physically sound litter.


Just want a family companion?  Okay, but you still want a dog that looks and acts like a Toy Fox Terrier and won't be plagued with health problems.  That is why the pedigree is equally important to the pet owner.


How To "Read" a Toy Fox Terrier Breeder's Pedigree


Here's a good rule of thumb.  A quality Toy Fox Terrier's pedigree will have at least 50% AKC Champions represented.  The pedigree should show respected "bloodline" or kennel names.  This indicates those Toy Fox Terrier breeders carefully matched each sire and dam for compatibility rather than just breeding to a top winner because his puppies would be saleable.


Health certifications are good but not as important as Champion titles.  Of course some will argue that point but that says something about the person.  A dog that is virtually unrecognizable as a Toy Fox Terrier can get a pile of health certifications.  In fact, dishonest breeders substitute one dog for another depending on the certification needed.


You hear a lot about DNA certification and it is valuable to resolve disputes regarding which dog is the actual parent of a litter. It has nothing to do with quality of a Toy Fox Terrier - or the breeder.


 This is not meant as a lesson in genetics.  It is just that breeders don't always explain these things (for obvious reasons). Pet or show quality, the right puppy will enrich your life for well over a decade. So don't be in a hurry.  Take the time to (gasp) make an informed decision.  Dozens of O'BJ dogs have become AKC Champions, National Winners and/or Register Of Merit Sires and Dams.  But much more important, almost without exception, O'BJ dogs live long, happy lives with families that treasure them.

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