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Do Toy Fox Terriers ....?

Toy Fox Terrier photos answer your questions

Do Toy Fox Terriers love to play, stay healthy, free whelp, love to dress up and dig in the garden?

 The answers are all YES, especially the last one because the TFT is a natural clown!


Q: Do Toy Fox Terriers like elderly people?Xtra Sweet O'BJ, Owner: Lucy Marcum, Breeder: BJ Andrews "Sweetie" is pictured with Jan's 101 year old mother Polly Corder

YES! Especially if they are over 100 years old.

Sweetie" is pictured with 101 year old Polly Corder. The TFT loves to play with children but they also seem to take giving comfort very seriously. Somehow they know..

Xtra Sweet O'BJ  is owned by Lucy Marcum, pictured with her great-grandmother.


TFTs are wonderful mothers - Courtesy of Margo Carter, Phoenix Rising Toy Fox TerriersQ: Do Toy Fox Terriers Free Whelp?

Sure, and there's no charge for extra features.

In fact, they are more terrier than toy when it comes to easily whelping litters.

This new mother and her 4 puppies are owned by Margo Carter.



Toy Fox Terriers are High Fashion! Toopsa - Owners, top fashion designer "Berangere"Q: Do TFT's Like To Dress Up?

Yes. But only in High Fashion outfits.

Here's Toopsa in her special-made designer dress. She  wears Burburry coats, Fifi and Romeo Sweaters and her collar, leash, and bag came from Louis Vuitton!!!

 Owners, top fashion designer "Berangere"


Wanda is owned by Henry & Cynthia MargenauQ: Do Toy Fox Terriers Sleep In The Bed?

Of course, but only when you're in it.

Otherwise, they are content to just watch over you while you sleep.  This is Wanda, patiently waiting for Henry to wake up.  It was her 3rd birthday and this little dog has everything!

Wanda is owned by Henry & Cynthia Margenau



Jazzy is a part-time chauffeur for Kaye and Jim Ritchie in JacksonvilleQ: Do Toy Fox Terriers Like To Ride?

Yes, but they much prefer to drive!

This is Wanda's litter sister Jazzy taking her owner Kaye Ritchie for a spin.  When she isn't out gadding about, Jazzy likes to chill out on her chaise lounge.

Jazzy is a part-time chauffeur for Kaye and Jim Ritchie in Jacksonville, FL

Weeones' Stella Storyteller is owned by Peter & Anne Gendron, bred by Michele Gauthier


Q: Do Toy Fox Terriers Dig?

Of course, how else would they get to wear the flowers?

Her owners tell us she grew them herself but we think she had a little bit of help "arranging" the bouquet.

Weeones' Stella Storyteller is owned by Peter & Anne Gendron, bred by Michele Gauthier

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