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Is A Toy Fox Terrier The Right Breed For You?


Bill's Little Dears - Before Toy Fox TerriersChoosing A New Dog isn't easy. It's even harder when you've lost a dog or as in our case, Bill's health meant we had to downsize.  Having always had big dogs and knowing Toy breeds can be fragile, we finally decided on the "terrier-like" Chihuahua. This candid photo of our Group and Specialty Winners pretty much says how much we enjoyed Chihuahuas.


But then a judge-friend told us about the Toy Fox Terrier, a UKC breed descended from the Chihuahua.  Rick Beauchamp said the new AKC club needed help and reminded me he had helped me get the Miniature Bull Terrier AKC recognized so I owed him. When Rick said the Toy Fox Terrier had the intelligence and devotion that defines all Toy Breeds but that it was also a true working Terrier, I was intrigued...


Terriers have always been bred for indestructible health and bold ability. Feeling insecure with only a couple of elderly Akitas, I listened when Rick said the Toy Fox Terrier is a superb alarm dog!  Hmmm, a non-breakable, healthy little dog? A smooth-coated terrier that needs minimal grooming?  I like easy.  A terrier with toy dog loyalty and brains?  Wow!  When he said the TFT had no whelping problems, I thought of the long-empty bassinet and agreed to talk it over with Bill.  The decision was easy and our discovery priceless!


The Toy Fox Terrier is the perfect do-everything, go-everywhere, genetically unspoiled, supremely intelligent pet and companion!


Living With The Toy Fox Terrier.  After a high-stress day, how about a lively, playful little dog that's waited patiently all day to make you laugh and shrug off worries?  A dog who, when you finally sit down to relax, morphs into a quiet, soothing lapdog?  What a rare combination!  A Toy Fox Terrier is equally happy to nap in your lap (with one eye open in case something comes up) or amuse you with a new game he invented while you were gone.


Toy Fox Terriers are forever playful!The Toy Fox Terrier is forever a playful puppy, a born entertainer.  Even a young puppy will glance over to see if you’re watching and then pounce on an imaginary bug.


Sizing up my degree of absorption in television, Jane will suddenly leap from the sofa to ward off a charging bison but she never interrupts in the middle of a good movie … How does she know?  She always checks the primitive pottery by the big-screen TV ... she knows the critter she chased out of the "big box" didn't hide in the pots but we still laugh when does that - so of course, she continues to do it.


The Toy Fox Terrier carries on conversations which you will understand almost as quickly as they learn your words.  "Can I have some?" is easy.  They say that when you're cooking.  You should have no trouble with "Can I go with you?" because that is said when you first think about going out.


"Did you SEE that monster on Animal Planet?"  If you say you saw the elephant, she will nod and go away, satisfied.  I strongly advise you to say you saw it or she will try to explain...  Don’t laugh. We live with them. You'll see.


Toy Fox Terrier Health - See "information" on the navigation bar at top but the short answer is that the breed has (so far) escaped many of the health problems that afflict toy breed dogs. Legs are straight and strong with dense round bone. Teeth are deep rooted and terrier-sized, unlike most small breeds. Use our natural health program and your Toy Fox Terrier will be spared expensive dental problems.  The body is solid and muscular, even in puppies.  If well bred, he is fearless and stout-hearted. And by the way, there are no heart problems! The Toy Fox Terrier has a physique meant for chasing, confronting, and digging out varmints!


Toy Fox Terriers are All American!Breed History - The Toy Fox Terrier is the only AKC Terrier or Toy Breed developed in America!  Talk about a unique history!  In the interest of honesty and common sense, I have dispensed with the "runt" Fox Terrier nonsense in the factual Breed History page in the dropdown Nav-Bar above.


Let's just say he's All American! The name game is a part of Toy Fox Terrier History which AKC  breeders either don't know or quickly forgot.  He was accurately called the Ameri-Toy but all that is covered in Toy Fox Terrier Breed History.


Is The Toy Fox Terrier Good With Children? The TFT is a traditional child's pet but toy breed puppies aren't safe with toddlers because, let's face it, little kids tend to throw things. 

 The breed is perfect for older, well mannered children. The Toy Fox loves kid's games and will help them invent more.  After all, the breed is still a traditional circus dog and performer!


It's a perfect companion breed for the elderly.  This breed sees and hears for its owner, fits anywhere and is an "easy keeper" on small amounts of quality food.  Healthy?  My dogs only see a vet for rabies shots.  They can exercise inside but the TFT keeps able owners fit, healthy and social! The Toy Fox Terrier fits perfectly in a working ranch, a country estate, a penthouse or apartment.   They self-exercise, won't run off or disobey, and grooming is simple, just stroke the little dog snuggled in your lap.


Do They Bark A Lot? No.  The Toy Fox Terrier will sound an alarm when something is wrong or to get your attention but otherwise rarely barks.  And here's an interesting fact in today's world.  They are an effective  crime-deterrent and way safer than the big guard breeds! The Toy Fox Terrier's high-pitched bark can not be silenced by an intruder.  He won't back down and a Toy Fox simply can't be kicked or shot because he's impossible to hit as he darts to and fro looking for an opening.  The TFT can't be bribed with (poison) meat or distracted.  That's the single-minded terrier in him!  So here's the point.  If you were a burglar, what would you do?  LEAVE.  As quickly as possible!  So unlike big guard dogs, this breed is not a legal liability. The Toy Fox Terrier is the ultimate deterrent, always alert, he will protect you and yours. You can count on it!


Toy Dogs Are Hard to Housebreak! I know, and it's true but the TFT is a remarkably clean pet and easy to house train, even the males!  Hugely is a stud dog but he my house dog and has never soiled the house.


Puppies crawl out of the nest, toddle over to the pee-pee pad in their third week and go outside to potty by seven weeks.  Many show breeders raise litters in small crates which essentially teaches them to soil their "house."  My babies are whelped in the living room, raised in my office (see photos) and allowed to be clean.


Toy Fox Terrier PuppiesWhat are the drawbacks? I dunno.  The Toy Fox Terrier likes a little jacket if going for a winter walk.  He hates getting his little feet or tummy wet so he would prefer to "wait" until the dew has dried!  On the plus side, unlike short-faced breeds, he tolerates heat very well.


Let’s see….. All dogs shed.  If you never pet or brush your Toy Fox Terrier, he'll leave hairs on the sofa but if that is the case, gee, I hope you buy a dog somewhere else!


Did I mention he wants to go everywhere with you?  That could be a drawback except the TFT is naturally well mannered and such a spiffy little dog, he's welcome just about everywhere! The Toy Fox Terrier loves to ride and will fiercely protect your car, but he loves to meet new people and make friends.


One last drawback. if you like change, this breed is not a good choice.  A Toy Fox Terrier puppy will be with you for 12 to 16 years.


Well, it's up to you.  If you feel good about this unique toy and terrier breed, we invite you to learn more about us and what you should expect when looking for your Best Friend.  When puppies are available, you should know how and why our litters are created.  So click About The Breeder in the top navigation bar because the Breeder's Pedigree is as important as the puppy's!

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