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Multi-Talented Toy Fox Terriers!


The Toy Fox Terrier was originally the American Toy Terrier, Amertoy or Ameritoy.  Known as "feist dog" in the south; he's indeed feisty, a uniquely American terrier in a toy dog's body!


At about 7 pounds and 10" The Toy Fox Terrier is sturdy, athletic, and extremely agile. His good health, strong bones, handy size and incredible intelligence made him popular with circus performers. He can jump to amazing heights, walk a plank, jump rope, or climb a ladder, and he never forget his routine or misses his "mark" for the camera.


NOTE: I've just had a family cancel so I have a male puppy ready to go mid-September 2022. You can see him here but I hope you will explore this site and learn what created him before you call or email me.


The Huntsman carried a Toy Fox Terrier to roust the fox from its burrow.Prized by fox hunters, he was carried by the Huntsman to go to ground and roust the fox from his tunnel so the hunt could continue. 


The "toy" Fox Terrier has the courage and determination to go down a burrow after an animal 3 times his size.  Imagine that!  My Jane has done it.


He's an American original.  For over a century, the Toy Fox Terrier has been prized by farmers and ranchers as a superb varmint eradicator, i.e. "ratter"!  Two famous Tryon horse farms own my "verminators".  Whether in the stable or barnyard, his diminutive size allows him to get into places too big for most terriers.


The only toy terrier developed in America, the genes of a thousand generations of working terriers compel him to seek out mice and rats which he bloodlessly dispatches with a quick snap of the neck.


The Toy Fox Terrier combines the absolute devotion of the toy dog with the intensity and single-mindedness of a working terrier. As the perfect companion/watchdog, nothing escapes his attention.


Sure, he's a lady’s lap dog but his clean racy lines, high gloss finish, low maintenance and top acceleration make him easy to drive – men love him too! Well muscled, not delicate, he represents careful selection for hardiness and working ability.


Toy Fox Terriers climb trees for squirrel!There’s just nothing he isn’t good at!  The Toy Fox Terrier is brimming with courage, thus he’s the perfect alarm dog that can’t be conned or silenced by a burgular. He's just the right size to fit in the shopping cart at home improvement centers or under your cape at the beauty shop! A perfect family dog, The Toy Fox Terrier adores well-mannered children and will entertain them for hours.


If you love the outdoors, this athletic little dog will match you step for step and keep you laughing as he hunts everything from crickets to squirrels! And a Toy Fox Terrier does more than spot the squirrel for the hunter, he'll do his best to climb the tree to get it!


Best of all, the Toy Fox Terrier is quietly where you are, knows your every thought, and is sure to be your under-the-covers dog. Playful and active well into their teen-years, the TFT has a contagious zest for life that can’t help but make you feel good! With an Einstein IQ and Red Skelton’s bag of tricks, the Toy Fox Terrier could be your greatest gift to yourself.


General Description excerpted from TheDogPlace.org > Breeds > Toy Fox Terrier

Photo courtesy Eliza Hopkins, Hopkins Toy Fox Terriers

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