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Our Extended Family Photos


O'BJ Owners share special moments in TFT family photos and all the loving and inventively entertaining things Toy Fox Terriers do to brighten our lives.


Denise Matthews (career Coast Guard) and Gorgeous, her new Toy Fox Terrier

Denise Matthews (career USCG officer) with "Gorgeous" 2012.

Diane Freeman (competition cyclist) &  Lady GaGa who, like all Toy Fox Terriers, also loves to feel the wind in her face

Diane Freeman, competition cyclist and "Lady Ga Ga"

The Rifugiato's head back to PA with baby Roxie

Fran Rifugiato and daughter Gina with Knickers O'BJ!

"Lucy" Calvert and her 101 yr old friend, photo by Jan Calvert.

The Madison clan came back for another O'BJ puppy in 2010!

Carolyn Honeycut shows off her O'BJ puppy "Sam" in 2008.

Fancy Pants Gettig loves necklaces but not this one!

Lady Ga Ga Freeman  as a winter burrito with a band-aid.

Wonderful Wanda, C. Margenau's 2008 commissioned  portrait.

Nancy Outlaw and U-Fox O'BJ in his favorite place...

Linn Vandiver with her second O'BJ Toy Fox Terrier.

Quantum and Barney the RAT both owned Michelle Hall.

Mark Amadei, NYC restaurateur, spoils his little Ridley!

Ken Markum's whippet and Sweetie share kisses.

How Agility instructor Lisa Herman cools her Toy Fox Terriers!

Jim Ritchie and Jazzy watch their new O'BJ puppy by the pool.

Jonelle Grabenstein loved Hiedi loved at first sight!

"Gorgeous" admires her pillow from owner Denise Matthews.

Dr. Smith's family can't get enough O'BJ Toy Fox Terriers.

Velvet Garland O'BJ loves her tote Amy Schmidt made!

Quirt Knighton takes first points at his first show!

Wanda got a 194.5 score with owner Cynthia Margenau!

Mary Shell flew in from Idaho for Elegant Abbi O'BJ, a Trudy pup!

Virgina Jackson's Annabelle O'BJ says "My toys!"

Tonda Curry owner-handled Ch. Fiesta Fever O'BJ.

Glimmer takes care of baby Bella for Dr. Smith's family.

Nisbit kids and pup love Santa (who looks a lot like Shawn.)

"Penny" O'BJ owned by Interior Designer Joelle Friedheim.

Sylvia Butler is thrilled with "Karo", their sweet Heart son...

Kim Dean with her first O'BJ puppy, her 2nd was in 2018...

Julie Metz and daughter with "Poppet", Sucha's 2018 daughter.

The Middleton's and Sucha's "Lightening Blaze" boy.

Denise Tyler says her Glimmer son is 4 now and "full of fun."

Mike Burritt and King Of Hearts O'BJ... a big help with little jobs.

Janice Hutson and U-Gene O'BJ love life at The Villages.

Forest Ranger William Allen

and Minnie Pearl O'BJ

Puppy "Romeo" easily became Jean Abram's Ch. Playboy O'BJ.

Prince Louie O'BJ's favorite perch with Jeff and Mary Ann Akin.

Michael Starry and Bugsy enjoying day on the beach.

Blaze and Joanna Middleton, shhh... photo speaks for itself.

Nate Hawkins gives Great Roman O'BJ his throne and chariot...

Nicole Landry with Heart son "PD" loving life together!

Neal Carty's son and his new best friend from the O'BJ "Z" litter.

Ken Headly says "Of course Toy Fox Terriers share their food!"

Fran Light loves her little blaze-face girl, Pure Avery O'BJ

Quenton O'BJ and John Schinto enjoy the good life.

Dianne Freeman says "I just can't get enough of her!"

Laura Klein with Sucha's Shooting Star in 2019.

Leslie Griffin and her Sucha son "Scoot" snuggling.

Catherine Swain's "Chopper" soaking up sun.

Grandma Marilyn visiting with Sherry Ajax's "Max".

Chris Jenkins with Header's tiny "Sissy" and his Jack Russell.

Tipsy Olive O’BJ living the high life with Katherine Johnson!

"Pinto" enjoying the perks of being part of the Colson Family.

Wonderful Sir "Bond" O'BJ relaxing in style with the Kneuers!

Karen Rhodes with "Roux" and her newest edition "Chaser"

W.T. and Cynthia Bird. Bucks, a Worthy grandson by Rolex & Pearl

Lynn W. and Ima's girl, Stan says, "too cute to be legal!"

Sweetie and her 101 year old friend Polly, owner Jan Calvert.

"Can you find the puppy?"

Ask Andy or Aaron!

Seeing my doggie kids grow up and experience such wonderful lives enriches my own.  If you get a puppy, I hope you'll share photos. I work hard on the NetPlaces Network (because it is for dog owners) but my greatest pleasure is spending time with my dogs and the wonderful people who own them.


These photos prove that your best friend is quietly where you are, knows your every thought, and often prompts owners to reach for the camera!

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