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Hugely set new AKC records in Breed and Group competition, all breeder-owner-handled (including the Toy Fox Terrier National Specialty) but most of all, he's my best friend and lap dog!


Hugely is not and has never been at public stud.  He produces his famous movement, showmanship, genetic health and sound construction in my very limited Toy Fox Terrier breeding program.


Hugely's sire is Jane's outcross son Calvin Cool, my Home Page representative.  We only bred Calvin once before an elderly local couple needed him more...  My native tradition (the giveaway) asserted itself and Calvin Cool became her therapy dog.  I have no regrets.


TOY FOX TERRIER CH. "ZONA", HUGELY'S MOTHERHugely's mother was Ch. Phoenix Arizona O'BJ, a multi-Best Of Breed winner over male champions.  We bred Zona to Calvin Cool but there were just two puppies, both males, both of exceptional quality.  I made my pick but Bill said "sell him to the football coach and keep the black-saddled male."  Bill was never wrong.  My 2nd choice puppy became the legendary Ch. Hugely Handsome O'BJ. His brother is the team mascot.


LEGENDARY TOY FOX TERRER CH. HUGELY HANDSOME AT ONE YEARBorn August of 2003, Hugely became the #2 Toy Fox Terrier in only a handful of shows, breeder-owner-handled and with no advertising.  He was only defeated twice as a class dog, the first time due to presenting what All-Breed judge Joe Gregory, a former top handler, considered a poorly groomed dog.  He gave Hugley Reserve to a major and he gave me a lecture!  I learned real fast how to groom this breed!  His only other loss was strictly politics; a gangly, mismarked dog that never became a champion.


Hugely gained his Championship with multiple Best Of Breed wins over top specials (champions being campaigned), from the Bred By Class.  Always Breeder-Owner-Handled.  Then, with no pro handler and no advertising, he quickly accumulated a string of Group placements and the toy dog handlers were buzzing about him.  Even more rewarding, many judges said they had heard about him and had been looking forward to seeing him move.  And move he did!


Hugely was defeated only four times in his entire lifetime.  His last shows were back-to-back Group II wins over the nation's top ranked Toy breed dogs.  My husband had cancer and was very ill that weekend.  It was our last dog show although I had generous offers from several famous handlers which we gratefully declined. We did talk about it but Bill knew I was soon going to need comfort, not ribbons.


Toy Fox Terrier National Specialty - Oklahoma City, OK

NATIONAL TOY FOX TERRIER WINNER, CH. HUGELYAbout that 4th loss I mentioned. Hugely only recieved Award Of Merit at the 2005 Toy Fox Terrier National Specialty Show under Michele Billings who had previously given him Group placements.  It was a record-breaking entry of 114 exceptional Toy Fox Terriers including 34 Champions. So okay, Hugely didn't win Best Of Breed but calling it a loss would be a dishonor to the 112 outstanding dogs he did defeat that day.


The next day was the American Toy Fox Terrier Club (ATFTC) supported entry.  Hugely was Best Of Breed under Beverly Lehnig who had never seen him (or me) before but it didn't matter.  He did his thing and she did the right thing...


What Makes A Toy Fox Terrier Show Dog?

THE PERFECT TOY FOX TERRIER HEAD, CH. HUGELYHugely passes on his faultless structure, "get out of my way" movement, perfect dentition, and cocky, ultra-masculine personality.  Qualities the breed could use but we've never allowed any of our dogs to be at public stud.  Our Akitas proved that when the quality and genetic prepotency is there, a stud dog doesn't need to breed dozens of bitches.  3 of the All Time Top 5 Akita sires are O'BJ dogs and their records are still unchallenged.


Hugely's head is as classic as his movement.  Deep underjaw, parallel planes, strong deep muzzle with deep rooted terrier teeth and perfect dentition. . His stallion neck carries back through well laid back shoulders, short hard back and powerfully muscled rear quarters.


His coat is thick and hard which is a fault in Toy Fox Terriers BUT he improves the even more faulty thin "see through" coats so often seen today.  We would like richer markings but the deep rust-red markings of his sire Calvin carry through in many of Hugely's puppies as does Jane's perceptiveness and character.


But What Really Makes Hugely "Special"?

THE TOY FOX TERRIER aka AMERICAN TOY TERRIERI am honored that Hugely is still considered the Standard Bearer by so many breeders.  He is indeed, the perfect combination of "toy and terrier" - the result of generations of healthy, hardy, agile, "fiest dogs" going back to when the breed was known as the American Toy Terrier, a name that best and most accurately describes the breed.


Having the All-Time #1 Akita sire and two All-time #1 dams, plus the top owner-handled Akita is a breeder's dream that carried forward in our Toy Fox Terriers.  Hugely's show career was cut short but I don't really care.  He saw me through the worst time in my life and he's still my greatest comfort, every day.  What more could I ask?

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