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Ima has her All-time top winning sire's structure and character and her dam's incredible intelligence in a perfect TFT package!


Ima's Puppies By Knighter Are Here! They were born Nov. 9th, 2020.


Ima Handsome Girl O'BJ (pictured left) is faultlessly constructed like her sire Ch. Hugely but equally important, she's blessed with her dam's brain and preceptiveness. All that, wrapped in a perfect TFT package!


Ima is a "thinker", somewhat on the serious side but like all Toy Fox Terriers, she loves to play and she runs like the wind!  ... just for the fun of it!


Ima's sire is Ch. Hugely Handsome O'BJ Hugely earned his AKC Champion title undefeated (!) and then he set a new record for the most consecutive Breed and Toy Group wins ever achieved by a Toy Fox Terrier.


Fact is, Hugely became the Top Winning Toy Fox Terrier of All Time, defeated only 3 times in his whole career.  My husband's illness ended us going to dog shows but Hugely is remembered as truly "one in a million."


Judges often compared Hugely to Ch. Sachmo, my top winning Akita who became the #1 sire of all Working Breeds. To say we've been twice blessed is an understatment.


Toy Fox Terrier female - Sucha at 17 months in her lady-like poseIma's mother Sucha Girl O'BJ (pictured at right) is only 6 lbs 2 oz but it's all brains! In fact, we called her "such'a brain" from the time she was a weanling but it looked funny on paper when I decided to keep her and register her.


Ima brings together the soundness, strong body and character of her sire and her mother's giant IQ.  It's a pretty incredible package!


And yeah, Ima's got those big expressive "chihuahua" eyes, a hallmark of the Toy Fox Terrier that "proclaims the brains" of the Chihuahua, the other half of the Toy Fox Terrier gene bank!


Ima is pictured below at 11 months old. Anyone will tell you I never "posed" my dogs in the show ring. From Akitas to Mini-Bulls to Toy Fox Terriers, O'BJ dogs are "Made right to stand right."  It became a trademark because the only time I ever put a hand on my dogs in the show ring was to "stack" them for physical examination by the judge.


Otherwise they showed themselves just as in all of these candid photos. Yearling Ima was muddy and hot but you can see her shoulders, topline, and tail set - all knit together with strong joints, short hocks and the atheleticsm that defines the TFT compared to other "toy" breeds.



The Toy Fox Terrier loves high places so they play "king of the hill" on a platform we built for them. Denise snapped the photo on the right as Ima was waiting for me to open the gate to her kennel run. Again, it clearly shows the faultless natural construction and soundness that made O'BJ Akitas famous in show rings around the world. We expect no less from this "toy" breed.


Whether you show dogs or just want a striking little dog that will draw a crowd, you want a healthy and structurally sound dog that is eye-catching and loves to show off!


Ima was 18 months old in these two candid shots. The sun peeked out for a moment during nearly two weeks of rain so I grabbed the camera and ignored the mud on her.  I hope you will too.


I got her to turn both ways so you can see her show ring side and off-side. Note her perfect shoulder-to-hip-to-hock angulation, strong topline and high tailset. She is perfectly sound and balanced from any view!


Did you know the Toy Fox Terrier gives its direct ancestor (the Chihuahua) a run for the money in intelligence?  I just realized when doing her page that Ima has still never had a collar on!  Me, who used to train professionally!  Embarrasing. She's only been to the vet once, for rabies shot, and like all Toy Fox Terriers, she is always at my side. Maybe, someday, I'll leash train her. Or not...


Ima was bred to Knighter (Knight Of My Heart O'BJ), obviously he is my Heart son. Click his name or use the Gene Bank drop-down menu above to see more of him.


Ima puppies by Knighter are here! Born Nov. 9th, 2020!


Call (828) 286-9945 between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST or email me for availability. Puppies are reserved by deposit.  Also see Header's page, she was bred to Knighter. Ima and Header are the last Hugely daughters.

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