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mother of Toy Fox Terrier puppies born April 11thToy Fox Terrier adult female, LolliPup O'BJ, top TFT producer Lollipup O'BJ was born March 2007, sired by Mostly Handsome O'BJ (a pick of litter Hugely son) and her mother was AKC Champion Lollipop O'BJ.


Lollipup O'BJ, shown left and right, needed only a second major to finish her AKC Championship when we brought her home from the AKC judge with whom we had co-owned her.  Had her career not been cut short by Linda's misfortune, Lolli would have been a top-winning "specials" bitch instead of my best brood bitch.


Toy Fox Terrier puppies fit in the arm perfectlyThis is my pride and joy at 9 months.  Even then she had that proudly arched neck and stunning headpiece.  When we took her to the big dog shows in SC, an AKC judge approached me and asked about Lolli as I was ring-training her.


I knew the judge and when she remarked how "stunning" and "beautifully made" Lolli was, I glowed with pride and made a mental note to be sure to show to that judge   Long story short, she made us an offer we would have been retarded to refuse and Lolli left with her after the shows.


She showed Lolli to within one major of her AKC championship before things took a dramatic turn in the judge's life.  She called to say she was leaving for PA to be with her daughter and could only take a couple of her old dogs.  It was to be a permanent arrangement and could we come immediately and get Lolli?


Toy Fox Terriers Lolly and her son Rolex, ideal TFTsYes. And so Lolli came home. This is her today, a candid snap shot taken with her son Rolex (sired by Johnny)  in the background.


She is still incredibly beautiful and in superb health and condition.  In fact, Lolli has been to the vet only twice in her life, each time to get a rabies shot.


Give Lolli a bath and whisk her to a dog show and she could get that last major and her champion title, she is that sound and healthy at 7 years.


But then that is her background and her genes are true and strong for exceptional health, structural perfections, and uncanny intelligence.


Her only "fault" is that she is terrified of thunder.  We think she was shocked when she lived with the judge.  When we get a thunder-boomer, she climbs out of her inside "run" in the dog room and comes flying into wherever we are.  She either jumps into Hal's lap to be protected or if he's not in the house, she snuggles into Hugely's bed under my desk.


We have come home during or after a bad storm to find her curled into a small ball, sound and safe under my desk.  She doesn't raise her head until we tell her "its okay, you can come out now" whereupon she uncoils and bounces out, wiggling and wagging and telling us all about how awful it was and how glad she is that we're finally home.


Toy Fox Terriers O'BJ foundation femaleShe reminds me of her grandmother Zippo, one of our foundation dams, a daughter of UKC Grand Champion and Top Sire My Bobby McGee Of Phoenix.  We bred Zippo to Ch. Moonlight's Magic Mozart (Top 10 AKC Breed and Group 2005, 2005) and kept LolliPop from that litter.


So if you are a breeder, these things will matter to you and we would allow LolliPup to be bred one more time (for a puppy back if we approve the sire).


If you are a discerning pet owner who wants the best, then LolliPup can be your most loyal and faithful companion if you promise to protect her from thunder.

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