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Meet Trudy! She comes from a long line of outstanding show dogs.  I purchased her especially to breed to Ch. Hugely but she lived up to her name and stole my heart!


These first "posed" photos were awkward for both of us.  Trudy in a strange place, dropped down in the middle of a pack of strange dogs (including my chow).  She is bright as a light bulb, caught on to what I was tryng to do, and did her best to "stand still."


I took her out in the sunroom to pose her and she let me do that even though everyone else was jealously voicing their objections to her getting all the attention.  I see in the photo that her legs were wet (she had just come in from a romp in the morning dew) and I didn't take time to groom her.


OK, so looking back, about the only thing Trudy's not great at is posing for photos.  She was new here and I just assumed she knew how to stand on the table to show off her structure, angulation, and perfect balance of height to body length.


Actually, Trudy has done everything right.  Settled in, established herself in the "pack" of six adults, learned the routine, and as is typical of the Toy Fox Terrier, she has a genius IQ!


She is a rather small Toy Fox Terrier 5 lbs, 3 oz) but she comes from a litter of seven!  She has lovely bone and substance and that strong underjaw that is so often missing in this "terrier turned into a toy breed" but which should still retain its stong underjaw and grip.  I like this shot because she's smiling at Denise and you can see that she has a chin!  Many toy dogs have a weak lower jaw which results in dental problems.  Mine do not.


Her breeder, a UKC judge, has made a science of breeding for large litters in addition to "show" qualities and that's something we should all pay attention to!


Most Toy breeds produce small litters and breeders accept that whereas in my Akitas it would have been a genetic fault!  We thank Anne Kieffer for a lovely addition to the O'BJ family and for sharing her common sense/genetic sense.


Trudy fell in love with Hugely and they had a torrid "Affair Of The Heart" just before his 14th birthday.  He was strutting like a High School jock and she was the class flirt.  He had to have a semen check to satisfy AKC requirements due to his age.  He hated that indignity but she quickly made him forget it :)


Last week I grabbed the camera and Denise got Trudy to stand still for a split second...  Actually, she is built so well that she poses herself better than we could do.  I don't regret not showing dogs nowadays but I do regret not leaving her with Anne long enough to complete her championship. She is outstanding!


Her sire is GrCh 'PR' MaldonFox Strike A Nerve and her dam is GrCh 'PR' Fritzfox Waltzing Mathilda.  Both parents are obviously exceptional breed representative as indicated by thier Grand Champion titles.


Here is her "pregnant we hope" photo.  Watch for news on her litter by Ch. Hugely Handsome O'BJ.


Update 7/3/17.  This week there's no doubt she is in whelp.  She's still running like a gazelle but the others don't jump on her. They knew before we did... She is the smallest girl but they all rough-housed until just a few days ago.  Now she's become a mother-in-waiting and they know it!


She's here! A phenomenal female puppy born July 2017, click for "Header's" puppy photos.

1706 https://www.toyfoxterriersobj.com/GeneBank/Trudy.asp


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