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Purple Heart O'BJ

Toy Fox Terriers O'BJ Foundation Female


Heart is what we call her and she defines the TFT. Heart Of Gold, Sweetheart, Brave Heart, you name it, she is my heart-dog because she's everything the Toy Fox Terrier should be.


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Heart's mother is Glimmer To Go (left). I love this candid shot of Glimmer.  She's just sitting there watching Denise with the camera, wondering what we're doing with her puppies but trusting...  More like her sire, she is so innately a "good dog" and a sweet soul, she accepts whatever...


Toy Fox Terrier male - Johnny at just over 5 pounds.Her sire is Barbary Johnny Cash O'BJ, shown at right. He is 5.25 pounds of solid muscle, a size reducer who generously imparted his "up on leg" and perfect balance.  If you've explored this site you know that brittle bone sometimes occurs in toy breeds.  Johnny has dense solid bone which he passes to all his progeny along with a true terrier alertness and playful energy and of course, the Toy Fox Terrier personality.


To learn more about Heart's sire and dam, click the O'BJ Gene Bank in the top navigation.


Here is Heart learning to "pose" as a puppy.  You can see why we named her Heart.  Her distinctive marking says it all.  She's precocious and brave ("showing off" on the table at 9 weeks) and since it was a "P" litter, we named her Purple Heart O'BJ.


She grew up with the same balance and proportion.  As a female, her back is a little longer to accomodate beautiful babies <smile> but her strong bone, correct and balanced angulation (shoulder-hip-hock) hasn't changed. 


This head study at left taken at 27 months shows Heart's perfect profile, strong muzzle and deep terrier jaw with strong teeth.


Heart (right) at 29 months.  Awkward angle but it shows her perfect ears, beautiful head and expression which she passes on to her puppies.


Heart rivals Sucha as the most intelligent, quick learner I have.  Her round-bed is under my desk and she's my TV dog every night.  She's never been "trained" because she obeys my every thought!


Heart was bred to Rolex, definately pregnant, due July 2020!

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