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Johnny Cash is the epitome of the Toy Fox Terrier; Show dog and best buddy, plus impeccable bloodlines known for vibrant health and breed character.


I am so fortunate to have been able to acquire Johnny from the undisputed top show breeder, Denise Monette. He has been an absolute joy but one of my owner-families who have a Johnnie daughter also want "daddy dog" in his retirement years. I've said okay. Hugely says "It's about time!" but he's been very tolerant about having this manly (but mannerly) little guy encroach on this territory.


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Johnny was born August 2010 and he's a tremendous outcross asset to my breeding program.  He's 5.5 pounds of solid muscle, a size reducer who generously imparted his "up on leg" and perfect balance.  If you've explored this site you know that brittle bone sometimes occurs in toy breeds.  Johnny has dense solid bone which he passes to all his progeny along with a true terrier alertness and playful energy.


He's shown at right as a yearling, right after he arrived on a long flight from California.  I rarely outcross but Denise was right, he's dominant for his hard-to-get qualities of size with bone, superior muscle and movement in a super typey package.


I'm terrible with a camera so someone who bought one of Johnny's Glimmer babies took this candid shot on the left.  You can see his rock-solid, level topline which starts with correctly set shoulders and ends in a high-set tail over ideal rear angulation.  click to enlarge photos.


So why did I let him go?!!  Although there's never been a cross word between them, my old guy was feeling diminished by Johnny. If I were an active breeding kennel, Johnny would never get away from me.  But I'm not, and Johnnie has been generous with reducing size and passing on his extraordinary soundness and type and truthfully, neither Denise Monette nor I wanted him in someone else's breeding program.


He deserves to be some lucky kid's best buddy...  He has boundless energy and enthusiasm but he needs someone to snuggle and sleep with and I owe him.


By the way, Johnny's sire is the first "other" Toy Fox Terrier that flipped me out.  I was entranced by Ch. Barbary Foxfire Rocket Science when I saw him at the Golden Gate dog show in California.  That alone was worth the trip as Rocket Science is one of the top winning owner-handled Toy Fox Terriers of all time.  Johnny's pedigree is worth a million dollars but his joy in life is worth twice that much to everyone who gets one of his kids or grandkids as a sturdy playmate for the family.


I am deeply grateful to Denise Monette for letting me have Barbary Johnny Cash O'BJ!  He is a very special little dog who has given me Rolex out of Lolli, Heart out of Glimmer, and Sucha Girl out of Sally Jo.


Johnny was sold to Kay and Jim Ritchie where he basks in the lap of luxary and keeps Jazzy (Wandering Jasmine O'BJ) busy with boy-games.

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