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Toy Fox Terrier female - Sucha at 12 monthsToy Fox Terrier female - Sucha at 17 months in her lady-like poseMeet Sucha!  She is an ideal female Toy Fox Terrier, small (6 lbs, 1 oz) but athletic like her Champion dam pictured below.


Her mother Ch. Sally Jo was my heart-dog. She wasn't perfect structurally but Sally Jo will always be the perfect example of this breed's intellect and devotion.


Her daughter Sucha also has an exceptional mind even in a breed known for superior intelligence.  Add to that the fact that Sucha is beautifully constructed and so far has passed that to her offspring, and you can see why I'm excited about this litter.


Actually she came by her name because of her keen mind.  Even as a little puppy I called her "Such a Brain" but friends said that sounded corny... so OK, she became Sucha Girl.  She has a lovely headpiece with perfect ears set high on the head and always alert.  Her beautiful dark eyes sparkle with lively intelligence.


Sucha's mother Champion Sally Jo (pictured right, 5 lbs, 7 oz) was a lucky purchase through a good friend who is a UKC judge.  Sally Jo was my heart-dog and I began to see her repeated every day as Sucha matured. Sally Jo passed on her perfectly angulated rear quarters and her sturdy little body and strong bone. Sally Jo also gave Sucha those uge eyes, and that "look at me" attitude that made her mom an easy show ring winner.


Sucha's sire is Barbary Johnny Cash O'BJ  I was soooo fortunate to have been able to acquire Johnny from the undisputed top show breeder, Denise Monette in CA.  Johnny gave me perfect size and terrier type in a tuck-in-your-arm package which we've doubled up on in this gene package.


Sucha Girl brings together the strong legs and body of her sire and dam and for good measure, those big beautiful eyes that to me, are the hallmark of the Toy Fox Terrier breed!


Sucha was bred to Knight Of My Heart O'BJ. Click his name here or up top in the Gene Bank drop-down menu to see him.  The two of them made beautiful puppies, see Sucha's puppies that were born September 7th, 2019!

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