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Perfect Puppies For Picky People...


TFT puppy pictures plus photos of sire, dam, etc. Toy Fox Terrier lap dogs and top show quality puppies lovingly created by AKC Hall Of Fame Master Breeder.


At 84, Dolly's babies are my last and final litter. I suddenly have a male puppy available. As an AKC Hall Of Fame Master Breeder, he is one of my best but I have to let him go. Photos and link to that page below but first, some things you will want to know before you buy a lifelong friend.


As much as I love creating living 'works of art' I know when to quit. Having devoted my life to dogs and information about them, I launched the world's first public website so before we go to the puppy page, let me give you some background you should know about any litter or breeder you are considering.


 In 2005 a caller asked if I had a perfect puppy for a picky person. I laughed, said "Yes I do!" and made that my slogan!


Like people, no dog is "perfect" but after over 60 years of setting multiple AKC records (breeder of over 300 AKC Champion Akitas, Miniature Bull Terriers and Toy Fox Terriers) I've treasured this last and final litter. Link to puppy pictures and info below but I hope you are interested in what produced the boy I have for sale.


I have never had more than 11 dogs and that was back in the late 90s when we were showing "the new breed" Akitas and later, Miniature Bull Terriers in order to establish breed type in AKC competition.


Today I have 2 adults, Header and Ima, in dog years, younger than me and most of the time, smarter... And today I have a male puppy ready to go. He is from what will be my final litter of puppies and I've had a cancellation so I suddenly have a male puppy available.


But first, I hope you are serious enough to want his to his background.


Pictured on the flag above is Ch. Hugely Handsome O'BJ, top winning, multiple AKC record-setter and my beloved lap dog. Hugely broke all AKC show ring records and set "the standard" for Toy Fox Terriers. He is as dominant in my breeding program as he is in my heart.


Whether you want a show puppy or a family pet, you care about quality and health. Of course everyone claims to have the best, smartest, healthiest Toy Fox Terriers - but has the breeder proven that in the AKC show ring? We all think our dogs are the best but you need proof that your puppy comes from healthy, mentally and physically sound parents that conform to the AKC Standard for that breed.


in 2023 the show ring is admittedly political but owners can win. Bill and I always showed (handled) our own dogs so the point is O'BJ dogs won on their merit, not that of the professional handler. We hold all-time AKC records in FOUR BREEDS: The top winning Rottweilers (in 1968), Akitas (1973), Bull Terriers (1991) and Miniature Bull Terriers (1996).


When we discovered the Toy Fox Terrier and worked to get the breed AKC recognized I began to include the TFT in my AKC Judges Seminars on Akitas and/or Mini-Bull Terriers. Simultaneously I lobbied the American Kennel Club for breed registration and AKC finally accepted the Toy Fox Terrier in 2003.


Fast-forward to today. The photo below shows where my puppies are born, 11 feet from my computer desk... where I am most of the time. The raised bed gives me easy access and in this case, I had two litters at the same but otherwise, the other side is used to allow the mother dog to begin the weaning process while watching over her babies.



Toy Fox Terriers learn so quick... At about 28 days, the puppies notice their surroundings. At 5 weeks they try yipping at me, demanding attention.  I'm pretty smart too so I stay focused on the computer and ignore them. At that age, a puppy's attention span is shorter than a gnat's leg so they go back to playing with their toys.


But within another week, they'll be all over the NetPlaces Network office exploring (and chasing dust balls). Then, at 7 weeks they move to the dog room where they can go in/out through the doggie door, play on the grass and get full sunshine.


O'BJ Toy Fox Terriers are known for above average intelligence, vibrant good health and strong bones.  After forty years with big dogs, our first Toy Fox Terrier purchase taught me about brittle bone syndrome.  That was a heartbreaking experience but it was a "toy dog" lesson not to be repeated! MALE TOY FOX TERRIER PUPPY at 4 MONTHSIn addition to strong bones, my little dogs have big deeply rooted terrier teeth, not typically weak "toy dog" teeth.


This 4 months old male puppy out of AKC Ch. Fannie Mae O'BJ, shows the deep, well developed "underjaw" (see his strong chin?) with large "terrier teeth." Show or pet puppy, you want a little dog whose teeth don't fall out and whose legs don't break. Those basics are problematic in many Toy breeds but I demand terrier characteristics in my bloodline.


Why?  Because the Toy Fox Terrier is a Terrier in a Toy dog body. That makes him a super intelligent lap dog but with the strong physique and vibrant health of a terrier.


If the Toy Fox Terrier sounds like a fit for you, contact me but first, explore my Price, Policy & Guarantee and then, if seriously interested see Dolly's litter by Dudley Do Right.


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