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Ever Ima Doll O'BJ puppies by Dudley Do Right O'BJ

Perfect Puppies For Picky People!


Dolly's puppies are here! One girl and 2 boys, born May 9, 2023. Puppy pictures below. This is Dolly's first litter (and will be my last) but she delivered her puppies like a pro and is a wonderful mother!


"Dolly" is the culmination of a long-planned blend of two of the breeds most famous sires, Ch. Hugely Handsome O'BJ and Ch. Barbary Foxfire Rocket Science. Notably, both males became famous because of their incredible AKC show records AND their ability to pass on their greatness.


We always owner-handled our dogs and set multiple AKC records that still stand today. I quit going to dog shows when my husband passed but at 84 I can truthfully say that Dolly is everything that made the O'BJ bloodline so famous as showdogs - and so beloved as lapdogs.


Dolly has those big round signature eyes and expressive ears O'BJ dogs are known for and by 6 weeks it was already evident that she passed on those important breed features to her puppies along with the genes for strong bones and true TFT character.


Dolly's dam is I'm A Handsome Girl O'BJ, a treasure in the O'BJ family. Ima is faultlessly constructed like her famous sire Ch. Hugely Handsome O'BJ but equally important, she's passed on her uncanny brain and sound body to Dolly and we hope to her grand-puppies as well. (see the O'BJ Gene Bank for pictures and more on Grand-dam Ima.


The photo at left is a candid self-posed snapshot of I'ma taken at about 9 months. Short strong back, perfect bone density, baance and angulation which she passed to her daughter Dolly.


Ima, nicknamed "Ima Brain" is a "thinker", somewhat on the serious side but like all Toy Fox Terriers, she loves to run and show off. Ima also passed her big expressive Chihuahua eyes on to Dolly. Those eyes are a hallmark of the Toy Fox Terrier breed that "proclaims the brains" of the Chihuahua, which is the other half of the Toy Fox Terrier gene bank!


Dolly was bred to Dudley Do Right O'BJ. Yes, he's "bred right and built right" but more than that, he is happy doing whatever I want him to do. The photo on the right is totally candid, no prep, no fuss, no bother! I let Dudley sniff a piece of liver and Denise took snapshots. Easy!


If you are a breeder, a puppy from these exceptional dogs can put you on sound genetic footing for the most important features of Toy Fox Terrier type. If you just want a spectacular pet with terrific personality, healthy genes and sound construction, you've come to the right place.


Dolly's puppies were born May 9, 2023, (left) Tail Spot Female (middle) Big Blaze Male (right) Lil' Blaze Male, pictured below at 8 days old. For her first litter, Dolly is proving to be an exceptional mother.



Dolly's little girl (Tail Spot) and 2 boys (Big Blaze & Lil' Blaze) at 6 weeks old.

They've learned a lot already but not how to stand still for the camera...

Tail Spot girl

Big Blaze boy

Lil' Blaze boy


Dolly's little girl (Tail Spot) and 2 boys (Big Blaze & Lil' Blaze) looking at you!

Tail Spot girl

Big Blaze boy

Lil' Blaze boy


At 6 weeks these babies already show great coats and strong bodies and legs.

Tail Spot girl

Big Blaze boy

Lil' Blaze boy


Dolly's little girl (Tail Spot) and 2 boys (Big Blaze & Lil' Blaze) at 9 weeks old.

They now stand still for the camera, well almost!

Tail Spot girl

Reserved by Mindy E

Big Blaze boy

Reserved by Lynn W

Lil' Blaze boy

Reserved by James A


So, if you've given this a lot of thought and want to add a top quality O'BJ Toy Fox Terrier to your family or breeding program, call me between 11 am and 7 pm Eastern time, 828-286-9945 or my cell 828-755-1111 to reserve your puppy with a $200 deposit which can be by credit card. Your puppy can be picked up (I do not ship) on Wednesday July 12, or the following week, preferably on Monday or Wednesday.



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