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Toy Fox Terrier male - Johnny at just over 5 pounds.Rolex Right O'BJ was my pick of litter to carry on the size, structure, and soundness of his sire (shown left) Barbary Johnny Cash O'BJ.  Johnny was 5.25 pounds of solid muscle and Toy Fox Terrier personality. You can see how small he is in proportion to my foot! I am gratedful to Denise Monette (Barbary TFT) for letting me have Johnny as a powerful outcross for my line. I repaid Johnny for the exceptional puppies he gave me with a life of luxuary and love provided by Jim and Kay Ritchie who bought Jazzie from me back in 2014.  She is spayed but Johnny is happily in love...


Johnny passed his handy size and soundness on to Rolex, the one I spent waaay too much time with... Rolex also got a double-dose of structure from my best bitch of the time, Lollipup.


LOLLI-PUP O'BJ AT 5 YEARS OLDRolex's mother is Lollipup O'BJ (right) who only needed a major to finish her AKC Championship in 2010 when health issues stopped us from showing.  I decided to breed her instead of send her off with a professional handler to get those last 3 points.


I have no regrets about that because Lolly passed on her perfect conformation and character - in double measure to Rolex!  She couldn't top that accomplishment so we retired her early to live with one of her daughters and a wonderful family in NYC.


It took a while to decide between Rolex and his littermate Royce.  That incredible consistency of type, temperament, and structure is the goal of every successful show breeder. I finally let Royce go to a show home which became a broken home and I lost contact with them.  Before Royce left, the brothers had learned to love TV, naps, laps, and dragging their toys out of the basket.  Of course, like all boys, they never got the hang of putting their stuff away.


Rolex still brings me his toys to put away for him.  He calls it training me.


Rolex at 4 months old (left) is already showing the ideal conformation of his father and mother.  He's the perfect TFT size, strong bones, super sound, short strong back, and did I mention highly intellegent?


He's shown (right) at 5 months old.  Note "terrier" type and "up on leg" balance.  Perfect shoulder layback and turn of stifle with short strong hocks.


Sadly, many promising puppies "fall apart" as they go through growth stages and many a Toy Fox Terrier breeder's heart is broken when a "star" never recaptures the promise shown as a puppy.  You'll see in the following photos that Rolex's special genetic package is the "glue" of the ideal Toy Fox Terrier.


By the time he turned six months (left), I knew we had a winner.  I actually considered letting him go with a professional handler who offered me an incredible deal.  He was trustworthy and talented but I just couldn't do it.  Unlike breeders with a dozen or more dogs, I have never been able to let one of our "family" out of my sight.  In fact Rolex isn't even leash trained but no one would know it because, being a true Toy Fox Terrier... he's always at my side.


15 months old, already solid muscle

His strong back, faultless front, and "up on leg" balance is what caught the terrier handler's eye. What a joy it is to show a dog that doesn't need hand "stacking" or posing.  Judges rarely denied my Akitas or Mini-Bulls for exactly that reason.  Do I regret not being able to show Rolex?  Yeah, he would have made ME look good! Another "once in a lifetime" dog.  Bill would have been especially proud of this one. 


But this isn't about bragging.  If you are showing and you're lucky enough to get a Rolex puppy, this impeccable type, balance and soundness will win the eye of any judge, particularly Working or Terrier Group judges.


If you are an experienced breeder, your mind is already weighing the possibilities.  He's an outcross so it's early to tell if Rolex will reliably pass on his qualities but I know his genes. Look at Johnny.  Barbary is the top show kennel and she and I both breed for the same qualities. Look at Lollipup and her sire and dam and her grandparents.  I am confident about Rolex.


16 months with perfect balance

He's shown on the left at 16 months. I know the Toy Fox Terrier breed standard says "level" topline but when he "stacks" on his tiptoes, it's what handlers work so hard to fake and on Rolex, it is naturally breathtaking!


18 months, incredible eyes and expression, strong underjaw on a classic TFT head
I like the closeup of his head at 18 months because it shows his strong, deep muzzle, big round eyes and not too "sharp" an expression.  He exemplifies the perfect proportion that makes a Toy Fox Terrier's head NOT a Chihuahua and NOT a Doberman.  Ears up high, just the right size and set.


And what we see so rarely in the Toy Fox Terrier, a strong, perfect bite, and big terrier teeth..


Toy Fox Terrier, Rolex Right O'BJ at 18 monnthsRolex has kept his perfect proportion, stance, and balance as he's matured.  Every photo is candid, ungroomed, untrimmed, and totally natural.


He has unusal patience and gentleness with puppies.  Boy puppies can be a real pest but Rolex seems to enjoy being a mentor to U-Gene, much as Hugely was to him.


Rolex is not only "special" in his extraordinary physique but a tight linebreeding to Molly cleared him of any genetic weakness and proved his ability to produce his size, soundness, and perfect balance.


TOY Fox Terriers playing tug-o-war, the TFT loves to playWe took the snaphot of him at 21 months playing tug-o-war with Sucha Girl.  She is 6 pounds and as a size-setting experiment, I've decided to breed her to Rolex.  It will hopefully be a double up on small size with strong bone and exceptionally compact proportion.


All Toy Fox Terriers love chasing a ball but Rolex is an exception in that he immediately figured out that the only way he'd get to chase it again was to bring it back to me.


If one of the other dogs beats him to the ball, they run the other way with their prize.  So as to keep the game going, I try to throw it so that Rolex can get to it first and then race straight back to me so everyone can chase it again.  What can I say?  It's fun!


As a Birthday gift to him, he is now with his own family to be watchful over.

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