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Meet Worthy! I purchased her as a genetic oucross for my breeding program. Her sire is GrCh 'PR' MaldonFox Strike A Nerve and her dam is GrCh 'PR' Fritzfox Waltzing Mathilda. Both parents are sound, typy and impressive show dogs as indicated by their AKC Grand Champion titles.


Her breeder, a UKC judge, has made a science of breeding for large, healthy litters in addition to "show" qualities and that's something we should all pay attention to!


Most Toy breeds produce small litters (many can only deliver by C-section) and breeders accept that whereas in my mind, it is a regressive genetic fault!  Whether you want a dog for show and breeding, or as a beloved family pet, you want a dog that is vibrantly healthy, structurally strong and sound, and that looks like and acts like the breed you've chosen.


Read that as a "me too" and I thank Anne Kieffer for a lovely addition to the O'BJ family and for sharing her common sense/genetic sense.


Worthy was previously owned and Anne re-claimed her from a less than idea situation.  I had purchased her litter sister Trudy as an outcross but alas, she had two difficult breech-birth litters that undid me mentally and emotionally. I kept the one surviving puppy, a Hugely daughter, and Trudy went to Dr. Smith's family where she is a beloved pet.


I didn't complain to Anne, just told her of my decision to let Trudy go.  A few weeks later she called and offered Worthy, Trudy's litter sister. I am nervous about Worthy's impending delivery but she just wags her fat butt and assures me she can handle it.  I believe her, she is one of the most agreeable, grateful, and charming dogs I've ever had...


Worthy was bred to my Hugely son, U-Gene.  Click his name here or up top in the Gene Bank to see him.  Suffice to say, he is linebred, she is outcross but they are beautifully compatible.  See Worthy's July litter!

1806 https://www.toyfoxterriersobj.com/GeneBank/Worthy.asp


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